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I'm a photographer

Hi, my name is Sandro

Hello there!

I am Sandro (Sandor). If you are here it is likely because you have connected to our work as history teacher, tourist guide or photographer, so thank you! Photography has become as much a part of my life like teaching or guiding. Photography is one of my 3 great passion.

Capturing the moment, creating images to your story or telling a story. I started as history teacher who has a Master of History and I am also a licensed tourist guide in Hungary. Over the past twenty years I have worked in education and tourism but in October I stopped working in the High School to pursue photography and tourist guide full time. For more info about my tourist guide work visit my website: www.hungaryguide.net

I live in Budapest, Hungary and love everything about this beautiful city. We are offering Family Photography, Architectural Photography Tours and everything what is connecting to the storytelling about people and their environment. However, I have strong connection to the USA since my brother, David lives there who also has passion of photography and represent us in New Jersey.